A diversified client base

Presentation of Vivo Nutrition to “Le Banquier” TVA show

Vivo Nutrition presented its application to “Le Banquier ” TVA show. We wish them a lot of success.

Vertal’s CityPod composters

Vertal is the manufacturer of the CityPod on-site , in vessel, food waste composting systems

Crystalline Management

Crystalline Management is an alternative investment manager established in Montreal since 1998.

Itacit, the healthcare solution

Follow Jim and Karen, healthcare professionals as they use Itacit to help them automate the manual tasks, gain greater compliance visibility and measure so they can better manage and become more proactive.

Allard, Allard & Associés, Portfolio Managers

This video presents Allard, Allard & Associés (AA&A): a team of expert investors who are experienced and have good business sense

VoD2, Cloud security reinvented

VoD2 patent pending solution scramble and split your data at the source into meaningless slices before it reaches your device.

Marie Brassard-Véritas Quebec

Marie Brassard is the founder of AQEI: Quebec Alliance for Independant Publishers. She is also President of Éditions Véritas. In this video, she presents a variety of authors featured at Véritas. She gives exemples of made to measure publishing projects.

A dynamic web site with Capsule Video

This short promotional video demonstrates how to convey an efficient and powerful corporate message. It introduces The Capsule video team. Bring us your project, we will turn your value proposition into a video showcasing your unique selling proposition.

Alain Lafond, les Éditions Onirium, member of AQEI

This video is one of 17 videos shot to promote AQEI: Quebec Alliance of independant editors

AGAB: Association of Boucherville business people

Professionalism and energy are demonstrated in this short video featuring the Boucherville business community.

Enhance your web presence

This short video describes capsulevideo.com services and shows the advantages to deal with us. We will position you and your business on the web in order to increase your web presence.

Keeping the art alive

The Owls Head Transportation Museum, in Maine, has one of the finest collections of still flying pioneer-era aircrafts and still running vintage automobiles in the world.

Interview with Jacques Godbout for the Brazilian Association for Canadian Studies

For the XI international convention of the Brazilian Association for Canadian Studies (ABECAN), held at the federal University of Bahia (Salvador de Bahia), from October 24 to 26 2011, Bernard Andres, essayist, conducted this interview with Jacques Godbout about his cinematographic work.

L’ordre des ADMA-Administrateurs agréés du Quebec

This short video promotes the professional order of ADMA: “Administrateurs agréés du Quebec” and the title of CMC: Certified Management Consultant

What is a capsule video portait?

This short video demonstrates how a one and a half minute capsule video portrait can enhance your visibility, your web presence and communicate what’s unique within your value proposition.

Lyman Morse

Drew Lyman explains why he is passionate about his work and how everyone in his team is involved.

Les porte-parole

This campaign is sponsored by Conseil emploi métropole together with Emploi-Québec. Tt aims at showcasing the advantages for small and medium businesses of Metropolitan Montreal to employ qualified workers from immigration.

Discovering Saint-Eustache

This video was produced for Saint Eustache new residents. It demonstrates the multiple services and attractions of the city. We discover Saint Eustache through the eyes of a resident riding her bicycle within the city.

Canada World Youth

Iris Almeida Côté, President and Chief Executive Officer at Canada World Youth delivers a message to the Youth who would like to become leaders and live a life changing experience


Heléne and Benoît are two colleagues at work. They are discussing informally how to thrive, flourish and succed in life