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Why a video capsule?

With the strong emergence of social media and the immense attraction of YouTube as a major search engine, videos are now present on various platforms and not only Websites.

Video capsules have become indispensable marketing tools to reach out to your new clients.
Videos will give you a competitive edge thus enlarging your market opportunities whether on the local or international scene.

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A short video, well designed and creative, is a strong statement to attract new clients. It should be featured within your Website which is both the showcase and the front door to your products and services.

Custom Designed

according to your objectives and priorities. It can serve a wide range of purposes such as:

  • introduce your company and your team
  • underline your products or services
  • highlight a significant event
  • provide training programs
  • offer an Installation Manual
  • and the list could go on…
Dynamic and Innovative

In our globalized world a video capsule will deliver a dynamic and innovative image of your organization, products and services, adapted to your priority market(s) whether in Canada or abroad.

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“With a short video, an essential tool for exporting Vertal clean technology , Capsule video succeeded to convey the right message for potential clients. I was impressed by their professionalism and trusted the approach of the multi disciplinary team. Results were above my expectations. I foresee other projects and will make sure  to use  Capsule Video again.”

Julie Deslauriers, President

Vertal Inc